Bitcoin Gets Ionic (did:ion)

The Rubric
The Rubric
Bitcoin Gets Ionic (did:ion)

The method did:ion began as an exercise in scalability. Backed by Microsoft, did:ion is a layer 2 “identity” network built on top of bitcoin that promises the security of the world’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency with radically lower cost and higher throughput. We talk with Daniel Buchner of Microsoft, the creator of the Sidetree protocol upon which did:ion is based, and Tobias Looker of MATTR, whose products bring did:ion to their customers, to find out how did:ion works and how its engineering decisions just may give you the DID method you’re looking for.



Hosts: Joe Andrieu, Eric Schuh, and Erica Connell

Producer: Erica Connell

Executive Producer: Joe Andrieu

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