A Pace Apart (did:snail)

The Rubric
The Rubric
A Pace Apart (did:snail)

did:snail is hands-down the most innovative DID method we know of. It connects the world’s most modern identification architecture with the oldest, most widely adopted long distance communications channel known to man, the international postal system. Join us for a talk with Amy Guy, did:snail creator, and  Dmitri Zagidulin, a co-author of the did:snail specification, to learn about this amazing DID method.



Get involved by sending a postcard indicating how you’d like to get involved, with a return address, to:

DID Working Group

℅ World Wide Web Consortium

105 Broadway, Room 7-134

Cambridge, MA 02142 USA 


Hosts: Joe Andrieu, Eric Schuh, and Erica Connell

Producer: Erica Connell

Executive Producer: Joe Andrieu

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