Nobody but Us (did:peer, Part 2)

The Rubric
The Rubric
Nobody but Us (did:peer, Part 2)

The did:peer method was the first DID method without universal resolution. Designed to facilitate direct one-to-one DIDs, only those parties to the peerage can resolve the DID–no one else even knows the DID exists, much less how to get to the DID Document, making did:peer arguably even MORE decentralized than ledger-based DIDs. We talk with Daniel Hardman of SICPA, editor of did:peer, and Drummond Reed of Evernym, a leading implementer of did:peer, to get the inside scoop about why this method exists and when you should consider using it.



Hosts: Joe Andrieu, Eric Schuh, and Erica Connell

Producer: Erica Connell

Executive Producer: Joe Andrieu

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