The Rubric

In order to choose the DID method that will best meet their needs, Legendary Requirements recognized that people need to know more about what methods are available, what the differences are between them and a little about how and why they were developed. The Rubric Podcast was born. 

On The Rubric, we meet the people making Decentralized Identity a reality. We discuss the technologies and motivations behind the movement, including Decentralized Identifiers–which encompass DIDs, DID Documents, and DID Methods, so you can make better decisions about which DID Method is appropriate for your use.

Decentralized Identifiers enable robust identity-based services without dependence on a trusted third party. Instead of being forced to use centralized identity verification services, like Facebook, Google or the Department of Motor Vehicles, DIDs can be created by anyone, anywhere, and be used for any purpose. 

DID Methods are the magic ingredient that gives DIDs their flexibility. 

Before creating any specific DID, you first choose a DID method, which determines how you perform the create, read, update, and deactivate operations on a DID of that method.

Once created, each DID includes the name of its method in the identifier itself, so that when you use the DID, others know how to retrieve the associated DID Document that contains the cryptographic material for secure interactions. 

Different DID Methods use different underlying mechanisms with different performance, security, and privacy tradeoffs. 

This show, The Rubric, interviews the creators and users of different DID Methods, to better understand their motivations, approach, and future plans, so you can make better decisions about which DID Method is appropriate for your needs.